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Hey everyone... I'm currently a Freshman and I just learned that I am living in Dana 2nd next year (I won the block there). The room I am staying in specifically is 201. Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas about Dana? I don't know too much about it overall, though I'm glad I got in.

Some specific questions/comments:
1) How big are the rooms? As a side note, I live in ML 1st this year, but I have the smallest room on the floor.
2) Are the showers okay (do they get warm quickly enough? clean?)?
3) Hall life? Does it exist?
4) Noise level...quiet or loud?
5) Location of the dorm itself... is it generally in a convenient location?

I just want to thank everyone beforehand for your response!

And congrats to everyone who won a block they wanted and good luck to those dealing with the lottery in the upcoming week
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